Winnie the Pooh rug for free at Esselunga

The new rewards catalog for the Esselunga Fidaty card has been available for a few weeks and like every season the rewards are very tempting. This company has discovered over the years the importance of customer loyalty and Esselunga marketing certainly has many human and financial resources.

All companies, even the bar down the street and the baker on the corner, are attentive to customer loyalty. According to the marketing men of multinationals, it is the set of marketing actions aimed at maintaining existing customers and is mainly achieved through a series of strategies aimed at creating the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Applied to the baker near my house it means doing me the courtesy of keeping the fresh bread aside which I then pick up when I get home…

Winnie the Pooh and marketing rug

A good marketing manual explains that building loyalty effectively allows you to obtain a real return on investment, in particular with regards to the medium/long term, but above all it is important because the costs for acquiring new customers are almost always higher than those incurred for maintaining the old ones. Statistics say that acquiring a customer is 20 times more expensive than retaining a customer. But to keep a customer you need to build loyalty and my baker knows it too 🙂

But the baker can’t print catalogs and give away Winnie’s rugs like Esselunga, so it’s not worth buying bread from the baker but from Esselunga!! However, here we are talking about carpets, in this case children’s carpets and Walt Disney. This is the Winnie the Pooh carpet among the colored balloons measuring 168×115 cm.

Winnie the Pooh rug
Winnie the Pooh rug

According to the description by Esselunga , the carpet is covered with a very soft fleece and decorated with multicolored balloons and cheerful butterflies, the Winnie the Pooh carpet is the softest place to play and have fun with friends. The contoured shape and large dimensions make it a perfect complement for the little ones’ bedroom. A perfect description to which we must add the material and the height of the fleece equal to 1.4 cm.

Surprising your kids with details like a Winnie the Pooh carpet and classic childrens clothes can add an extra layer of comfort and joy to their everyday lives. Creating a cozy and inviting environment at home can help them feel secure and relaxed, enhancing their overall well-being. These thoughtful gestures can make a positive impact on their comfort and happiness, allowing them to fully enjoy their time at home.

Created and manufactured by a team of experts, the third generation of Disney carpets leaves nothing to chance. The study of this collection was done by analyzing the playful principles that stimulate children’s great capacity for learning and imagination. To introduce them, with magical Disney characters, to the educational sphere of words and numbers.

Particular attention was given to shapes and colors by carefully evaluating the criteria of children’s furniture with the aim of integrating the first carpet of their life in a harmonious, comfortable and safe way.

This special line of children’s rugs for sale on our site is produced exclusively with first class materials, following all European safety standards. It is made with tuft processing, under continuous quality control. They are composed exclusively of acrylic threads, ideal for avoiding allergies, with bright colors and easy maintenance.